Why would I want my CBCT volumes reviewed?

There are a number of reasons for having your CBCT volumes reviewed. Many dental practitioners are capable of reviewing their own volumes but may not be familiar with certain pathological findings or abnormities that may be present on the scan. Our radiologists can help by identifying lesions and providing a thorough report of all positive findings. In other cases the dentists may be seeking an expert second opinion regarding a volume. Many practices routinely have all of their CBCT scans reviewed by a radiologist to eliminate concerns over reviewing the scans themselves and missing an important finding.

What is the fee for reading my CBCT scans?

  • $130 for a standard CBCT case review
  • $70 for a standard conventional Panoramic case review
  • $240 for a Comparison review of 2 standard CBCT cases
  • Additional $35 fee for ASAP cases

Note: There is no limit to the size of volumes reviewed.

How do I pay?

We require our clients to pay by credit card. You will be prompted for payment after your case is submitted.

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